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Refugees are the innocent victims of a problem the global community can no longer ignore. Men, women, children, whole families and communities have fled from the places they once called home. Having faced violence and conflict, they have risked their lives and made treacherous journeys to uncertain destinations in their bid for safety. These people are our neighbours and we are determined to provide them with fresh hope and a new home. We are Church Response For Refugees.


Church Response For Refugees is a movement to inspire, encourage and equip churches and communities across the UK to actively welcome and support refugees.

Our work is focused on three key areas:

  1. Community Sponsorship. We are working with the Home Office to inspire, encourage and equip 100 churches and faith-based organisations to become Community Sponsors and be directly involved in supporting refugees to resettle in communities. We are assisting sponsors in our movement with their application to the Home Office, providing them with cultural and practical training, helping them engage their wider communities, and connecting them to other sponsors in their local area.
  2. Practically serving refugees. We are partnering with leading charities and specialist support agencies to meet the practical needs of refugees settling into the UK. These partner organisations equip our members with practical skills: From giving Welcome Boxes to newly arrived families through to mentoring young refugees and delivering ESOL classes for them.
  3. Raising awareness. We are enabling those with a heart for refugees to engage with their neighbours with a positive narrative that seeks to promote understanding and support for refugees. We are equipping our members with resources to host refugee-themed events and services in their local church, as well as photo exhibitions on the refugee journey.

Our movement is free to join for all individuals, churches and communities.

As a member, you will:

  • Be able to work with the movement and receive help and resources to become a successful Community Sponsor
  • Be able to use our signposting and referral services to tap into a network of refugees specialist agencies, charities and projects in your local community
  • Receive a personalised high-resolution “For Refugees” logo for you and your church or organisation to show your support for refugees

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  • Receive our weekly email newsletters and weekly roundup of refugee news

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  • Receive exclusive invitations to events related to refugee work and community sponsorship across the UK

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