Community Sponsorship

Community Sponsorship enables your church to help a newly arrived refugee family rebuild their lives in the UK by providing emotional and practical support to the family directly. Sponsoring a refugee family is a transformative experience not only for the family but also for everyone in the community involved in helping the family rebuild their lives in the UK. Sponsors’ responsibilities include finding affordable housing, providing financial support (especially in the initial period of resettlement), seeking Local Authority consent and arranging English language classes for the family.

The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby became the UK’s first community sponsor when he welcomed a refugee family into Lambeth Palace in July 2016.

While sponsoring a refugee family can be a hugely rewarding experience, the process of becoming a sponsor can seem daunting at first. Our team is dedicated to helping current and potential sponsors by:

  • Informing and assisting sponsors to complete their community sponsorship application.
  • Training and resourcing sponsors to be fully equipped to welcome refugees both culturally and practically.
  • Connect sponsors to encourage mutual communication, sharing of sponsorship experiences, and logistical support.
  • Helping sponsors to engage with their local community through hosting events, the Stations Exhibitions, and training days with specialist agencies and charities.