Your gift will help change the lives of refugees.

They once had a place to call home – safe and secure. And a life full of promise and potential. Tragically, that has been ended by war, violence and persecution.

But your gift can help bring a new future to the refugees who have lost almost everything.

Church Response For Refugees is movement that is free for all to join. We offer our services and resources at a minimal cost to individuals and churches seeking to find ways to help refugees.

Our work depends entirely on the generous giving from individuals who are concerned about the plight of refugees coming into the UK and the ensuing response from churches.

Your gift will enable us to:

  • Inspire and equip churches across the UK to sponsor Syrian refugees into their local community through Community Sponsorship.
  • Refer churches and Christians keen to help refugees practical to our network of specialist charities and agencies.
  • Inform and train churches to welcome refugees effectively through events and conferences.
  • Expand our movement to reach all corners of the UK.
  • Engage with the Home Office and the UK Government and speak out for the best interest of refugees and churches welcoming them.


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