The Stations Exhibition


The Stations Exhibition is an artistic project reflecting on the Stations of the Cross and the suffering of Jesus through images and stories of today’s refugees.

This unique photographic study by creative director Marksteen Adamson is a parallel journey retold through the lives and stories of the refugees he met and befriended in Calais, Lebanon and the UK.

This exhibition was first launched in Easter 2016 at St Martin-in-the-Fields. Visit the Stations official website for more information about the exhibition.

Why Host the Stations Exhibition?

This exhibition is perfect for different groups come together to learn about to the refugee crisis together.

It acts as a vehicle to begin (or continue) the conversation around what it means to connect with refugees as global neighbours and how what we can do to respond to the unfolding crisis, as a church as well as a wider community.

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Testimonies from Churches

St Benedict’s, Leeds – September 2016

“The exhibition was a success. We used them for a service very like the ‘Stations of the Cross’ – people walked between the images round the church together, a symbolic journey in solidarity with refugees.  The text was read aloud at each one. It was very moving.”

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Holy Trinity, Sloane Square – November 2016

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Louth Methodist Church, February – March 2017

The Stations Exhibition has been a real success. Not only has it enabled us to make contact with a large number of people who are very sympathetic to our cause (and who who do not necessarily share our faith or belong to a church), but it has also cemented the feeling of real fellowship between all the churches in the area.”

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Church of the Holy Cross Cowbridge, October – November 2017

“We brought together a whole range of community groups for an evening at church around The Stations, by focusing on the stories of real people, it enabled us to be still and think about the people beyond the statistics, this led really well in to our discussions exploring community sponsorship in a united and focused way.”

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The Stations Exhibition Includes

  • 14 photographic stations mounted on A1 landscape boards
  • 5 introduction boards all A1 size

You may also choose to purchase response packs for £9.99 each for your audience.

How to Rent the Stations Exhibition

Please download and fill in the registration form below and send to

Rental cost is £58.00 for a week – includes cost of posting the package to and from your address.

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