Precious people in desperate need

Why the crisis?

Syria’s nearly five years of brutal civil war – together with attacks from ISIS – has created the greatest human tragedy in living memory.

  • Almost 500,000 Syrian people have died
  • Some 11 million – nearly half the population – have fled their homes
  • Almost 5 million are in vast camps in neighbouring countries

Who are these people?

These broken people are not economic migrants chasing a better future. They are refugees from war – and would return to their homes if they could.

Their only choice was to risk their lives by fleeing for safety and survival. Many left with only the clothes on their back and what they could carry.

There are children too

Those homeless include 30,000 unaccompanied children now in camps in France and Kent.

Most are alone because desperate parents payed all they had to gangs to transport them to Europe – seeing this as their children’s only hope for a future. Others have been orphaned by the conflict. Or separated from parents in the chaos.

Many of these children now lack appropriate adult care, receive no education and are at great risk from physical and sexual exploitation.

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